Ruckle Residence


Madison, Wisconsin
New construction single family home
3,600 sq.ft.

Facing south into a field gently sloping away to neighboring corn fields, this dog-trot derivative rests on twenty acres of recently decommissioned Wisconsin farm land. Our charge was to design a beautiful and non-traditional home with a double height main living space using off the shelf, prefabricated metal building trusses. Two equally sized two story ends of the house flank a main double height living area containing the kitchen, dining room, and living room. A bridge spans the main great space and connects the bedroom wing to the loft space used as a sculpture studio above the garage.

The corrugated galvanized metal siding at once alludes to regional utilitarian agrarian architecture and insinuates a sophisticated pallet born of modern pedigree.

The metal siding helps abstract the form of the building which suggests both house and barn. The unconventional horizontal wall purlins at twenty four inches on center create the framework for the staccato composition of standard two feet high window units that evolved from the need to reconcile dynamic compositional exploration and to best provide views. On the south side of the house, ipe wood louvers sit in a steel framed canopy hung from steel cables and provides a shield from solar gain in the summer while allowing the sun’s full warming effects in the cold months.

Materials: Galvanized, corrugated steel siding, site cast concrete floors, galvalume raised seam metal roofing, ipe wood

exterior view.jpg
front deck.jpg
from front.jpg
interior 1.jpg
Marian Williams